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AffaldPlus is a joint municipal waste company owned by six municipalities in south and west Zealand. Our 200 employees service 300,000 citizens and 30,000 businesses.
About AffaldPlus
AffaldPlus is a major operator within waste and ensures a professional management, in which care for the environment and application of ethics go hand-in-hand with financially viable solutions.

We continuously ensure efficient and environmentally friendly management of waste at our recycling sites and our plants for collection and treatment of waste.

We communicate with citizens and companies in order to influence attitudes and behaviour in a direction that will contribute to a better environment.

Recycling Sites
AffaldPlus runs 20 recycling sites throughout the six municipalities in south and west Zealand. All sorts of waste can be delivered, where it is sorted into more than 40 different types of materials from cardboard and paper to chemicals and recyclable PVC.

The customers sort their own waste and place it in the containers. Our personnel are always willing to help and guide you.

When a container is full, it is transported to a recycling company, where it is transformed into new raw materials. Objects that are suitable for direct re-use are being sold in our Recycling shop.

We service about 1.8 million customers each year at our recycling sites. We handle about 170,000 tons of waste and recyclable materials each year.

Transfer and Bailing Site
At our transfer and bailing site in Næstved, we bale paper, cardboard and plastics into big bales just like pressing straw into bales. In this way, we are able to transport big amounts of waste without taking up too much space. The transfer and bailing site sends waste on to the companies that produce new raw materials out of the waste.

Incineration Plants
AffaldPlus runs two incineration plants: One in Slagelse and one in Næstved. Here we incinerate 150,000 tons of waste each year – about 16 tons an hour – and produce electricity and heat enough to cover the consumption of about 24,000 households.

Naturally, we take care not to pollute the air with the flue gas. Filters and other equipment make sure that the quantity of pollutants in the flue gas is next to zero before it comes out of our chimneys that are 70 and 85 meters high.

For several years it has been a goal to reduce the amounts of waste for landfilling to a minimum. Presently, about 5% of the total amount of waste ends up at the landfill. AffaldPlus runs a landfill in Slagelse and one in Faxe.

Opdateret: 1. februar 2018